Frequently asked Questions

When will I get my box?!

     -The first of every month is shipping day! Woot Woot. You should receive your subscription in 3-5 days- so be on the look out.

Do you accept returns?

     - Because of the nature of our business we are unable to accept returns for our subscription boxes as they are specially curated to offer you a delightful surprise experience with each delivery. Our goal is to bring you unique and exciting items that have been thoughtfully selected, and we believe that part of the joy of receiving a Christmas box is the element of surprise itself. 

Can I buy a box as a gift?
- This is a fantastic idea and we recommend it! Yes. You absolutely can send off a box as a gift. When you place your order, enter your own information under billing and information for Mr. Lucky Pants under shipping.

Do the subscriptions automatically renew?

     -Renewals take place on the 7th of each month, after you have opened your box and decided if its something you'd like to continue with. Changing your account settings is extremely easy and if you have any trouble, please reach out in the contact section of this webpage or at and we would be glad to help!

How do you decide who to feature each month?

     - YOUR recommendations are how we network and find the most interesting talents. If you know of the perfect small business to be featured in a future box, please, by all means, let us may even find a reward in it for you. 

Can I manage my own subscription?

     - This is pretty cool. You can manage your subscription from the customer portal. "How do I access this customer portal?" you ask. There are two ways.
   1. When you purchase a product, you will be sent an email with your own magic link that will take you to your customer portal.
   2. (my favorite option) You can create an account in the drop down menu and then log in. From there you can see the "manage subscription" button. Clicking on it will lead you to your customer portal where you can manage your subscriptions, skip certain months, add on items (starting in November) , add order notes, edit shipping or billing information, etc.