What are others saying?

My dear friend truly outdid herself with this unforgettable gift, a Christmas box from Bended Knee Christmas Tree Farm. Filled with the most thoughtful and meaningful presents I could have wished for. This gift goes beyond its contents; it's a humbling reminder of the warmth and generosity of friendship during Christmas. My box held a "Christmas Book Journal," arriving just at the right time in my life to capture meaningful grandparenting moments. A stunning wooden platter, lovingly oiled by my husband, will double as the perfect charcuterie board for an upcoming ski trip and a thoughtful hostess gift. And among the treasures, a sourdough starter nestled, its potential extending beyond future feasts to the promise of happy bellies and vibrant health. The December box- "Reflect and Give Back" was so perfect, I immediately bought two more for my adult children as they embark on their own independent lives and Christmas celebrations. Thank you to all who work at Bended Knee Christmas Tree Farm and their collaborators for keeping Christmas alive all year around. -  Rose-Emily

I wasn't expecting this to be so "professional" looking for your first month in business. I think this is fantastic. My box was jammed pack full. You did a great job! Again, very professional. - Anonymous 

 First...the attention to detail was SPOT ON! My favorite part was the packaging...especially the tissue paper! Inside I was greeted with an envelope containing a list of what was inside, a November Challenge, and a card with information about the Ascension app! Then it got even better... There is a book, a hand-made candle wreath, candles, matches, and my favorite item...the runner designed by the sweetest little artist in Henderson County! This box brought me so much joy and I can't wait to use it all during this Advent season! - Stephanie

Our family was pretty excited to receive our first Bended Knee box in the mail as a gift from a family member, and we're happy to offer a short review! It's always fun to receive a surprise package in the mail so we enjoyed opening it together as a family and seeing the beautifully crafted items. You can tell they put a lot of thought into choosing the contents of each box. Plus I can't think of a more timely way to help us prepare for the Advent and Christmas seasons in a more intentional way. As someone who struggles to buy thoughtful gifts for Christmas/birthdays/weddings/etc, giving a subscription to the Bended Knee seems like the perfect year-round gift...thankful to be on the receiving end this time!!!   - Lucas & Beka