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Bended Knee Christmas Tree Farm

April 2024 Box - "Gag Gifts"

April 2024 Box - "Gag Gifts"

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The April box has been shipped out to subscribers April 1st. All past month box items will be disclosed and available the 10th at a higher rate. 

This box has a value of $92.00 and being offered to you at only $80.00. Please thumb through the photos, read the descriptions, and let loose a chuckle here as we combine April Fools with Christmas.
   - Toilet Paper: Let the good times roll - quite literally- with our 2-ply Christmas jokes toilet paper, because everyone appreciates a good laugh in the loo! $13
   - Coal: In leu of April Fools, we've included a unique gift: chunks of Bituminous Coal, measuring between 1 to 2.5 inches. Perfect for those who may have been just a tad naughty and deserve a lighthearted tease come Christmas time. Sourced from the historic Rich Hill, Missouri. Rich Hill boasts what locals proudly dub the "world's largest coal shovel." With some quick research you can find some impressive pictures. $15
   - Riddle Book: Compat at 4x7 inches, it's the ideal stocking stuffer. Packed with festive humor, these jokes are the perfect complement to any gag gift, adding an extra dose of cheer to holiday gatherings. With this handy book, you can effortlessly memorize a repertoire of Christmas jokes and impress your family with your wit and charm. This little book of merriment is sure to spread joy wherever you go. $9
   - Cards: Christmas cards. Why not send something unique? With their witty designs and playful messages, these Christmas cards are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face this festive season. Measuring in at 4.25x5.5 inches (folded) $4/each (3 included with box)
   - Nose Warmer: What a hilarious gift! Crafted by Cozy Halo, this months Holiday Star, these nose warmers have become a sensation. Originally conceived as a playful gag gift, they've evolved into a practical solution for chilly noses everywhere. For those of us whose noses are the first to feel the cold bite of winter, these warmers offer both whimsy and functionality, as for me, Ill be using it legit, so no laughing when you see me walking down the street, snug as can be. $15
   - Mug: This 16oz mug is an ideal choice for a white elephant gift exchange. It is engraved on a powder-coated tumbler, adding a touch of sophistication to any occasion. These have sweat-free technology, double vacuum insulation, and are designed for hand washing only. Please note they are not microwave safe. $20

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